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RH Designs is now part of SDS Ltd.

After 25 years the business has been sold to Secondhand Darkroom Supplies Ltd who are continuing the manufacture, sales and support of RH Designs products. I would like to thank all our customers past and present for their valued custom and assure them that support for RH products continues! These pages remain as a reference but for all sales and support enquiries please visit SDS.

Thanks for visiting RH Designs - Dr Richard Ross, founder

StopClock f-stop Enlarger Timers

ZoneMaster II Enlarging Meter

Analyser Enlarging Meter/Timers

StopClock Timer Range

ZoneMaster Enlarging Meter

Analyser Meter/Timer Range

ProcessMaster II Process Timer

PaperFlasher Flashing and Fogging Aid

Hand Held Safelights

ProcessMaster II

PaperFlasher II

SafeTorch Range

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Analyser Pro
Analyser 500
 PaperFlasher II
SafeTorch (b+w)
SafeTorch (colour)
StopClock Professional
StopClock Vario
StopClock 500
ZoneMaster II

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