Enlarger Timers: the StopClock range

Predictable Printing! All our enlarger timers use our straightforward and logical “constant density” method of timing, otherwise known as “the f-stop method”. It’s the same system you’ll find in your camera. When applied to printing it results in smooth and consistent exposure changes with predictable results on the paper. It makes judging exposure much simpler and makes burning in a breeze. See the F-stop Printing page for more information about this easy and logical system!SCPro2

Our rugged and reliable StopClock range of enlarger timers builds on the success of the original StopClock which was designed by photographers for photographers. We’ve added a lot of extra features, many in response to feedback from our customers all over the world.

Time is set in steps as fine as 1/24th of a stop, (approx 2%) or in your choice of coarser steps of 1/12th, 1/6th, one quarter, one third or half a stop. The automatic test strip generator built in to the StopClock generates test strips whose intervals match the time steps you’re working in, so it’s easy to set the correct time once you judge which step on the test strip is the optimum exposure. If it’s the third step darker than the starting point, simply press the “Time Increase” button three times. What could be simpler?

In addition all versions feature programmable timing sequences for easy burning-in, dry-down compensation, a timing range of 1.0 - 240 seconds, two channels (ideal for split-grade printing), automatic safelight switching and a number of user-selectable options to set the unit up for your personal preferences. And if you really must use it, we’ve included a linear seconds mode!

The range includes:

  • StopClock Professional: the standard version suitable for almost all enlargers which use tungsten or halogen illumination. This includes those which use low-voltage (12v or 24v) bulbs and a transformer.
  • StopClock Vario: all the features of the standard model plus a compensating feature which measures the light output from the enlarger lamp and adjusts the exposure to compensate for any changes. Intended for use with cold light enlargers whose light sources are subject to variations of intensity.
  • StopClock 500: a dedicated version for use with the Ilford Multigrade 500 enlarger system, it directly replaces the Ilford control unit and offers greater flexibility and reliability.
  • StopClock LE: the “lite” version with a single channel and less versatility. This model has been discontinued.

ProcessMaster II Compensating Process Timer

Consistent Film Development is now much easier with this new compensating process timer which can adjust the processing time automatically to compensate for temperature changes during processing. Storage of up to eight different processing sequences with display either of real time or the percentage of process time remaining, pause/resume function, and a footswitch for hands-free use. Versatile and easy to use. (Note: compensation function is for black-and-white film only. Compensation not suitable for use with colour processes, although the timer can of course be used in non-compensating mode for colour processes.)

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