TAS Film Processor

Heiland TAS Film ProcessorThe Heiland TAS film processor is a novel and unique addition to the home, college or club photo lab: an automatic 35 mm and 120 mm roll film tank agitation system.

  • reproducible results
  • ends monotonous manual agitation
  • small size – fits in every darkroom
  • transportable – could also be used in campers and cars (12v or 24v supply)
  • easy handling
  • ideally suited for Zone System and for two bath processes
  • uses existing tanks for 35 mm and 120/220 films
  • ideal for photography clubs with exchangeable modules for every user
  • variable speed settings
  • automatically compensates total development time depending on programmed temperature
  • solid construction, long life metal case; reliable quality from Heiland electronic – Made in Germany

As a photography enthusiast you probably prefer to develop films in your own darkroom. However, development by hand is a time consuming, even boring procedure especially if one has a stack of films to develop after a holiday or photo-assignment. Nevertheless, consistent results based on a tested combination of film types, exposure and development are of prime importance.

To this end Heiland Electronic GmbH has produced the TAS processor. It will satisfy the most discerning of darkroom devotees, in particular 'Zone System' specialists. Moreover, it is compatible with Paterson, JOBO, Kaiser and Kindermann development tanks and can be adapted to suit other makers of tanks.

Operation is extremely simple

  • Enter the development parameters TAS_72dpi
  • Load tank with film(s) (standard procedure in total darkness!)
  • Fill tank (tap on table to release bubbles) keeping it vertical
  • Attach tank to holder and fasten clamp
  • Press start button

The TAS starts with a continuous agitation, followed by intervals of pauses and agitation. The process end is signalled by beeps at 30, 20 and 10 seconds before and after the process stops.

Due to the flexible programming you could use the TAS for fixing and washing as well.

Thanks to its low cost interchangeable 'memory stick' system several users can benefit from one machine, allowing them to program individual combinations of developer / time e.g. N-1, N+1.

For a tilt only operation, a single turn of a knob suffices – even while the processor is running.

Automatic processing with the TAS allows you to continue with other work such as loading another tank, preparing more chemicals or completing finishing steps, e.g. fixing, washing, drying and archiving the negatives.

Simplicity of design and engineering, plus the use of high quality materials guarantees an effective and long life for the HEILAND TAS film processor. It has been developed in partnership with B-DESIGNS, initiated to meet the requirements of practical photographers. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need a special version or want to use special tanks.


Technical Specification

Weight: 6 kg
Shelf space: 25x32 cm
Height: 32 cm
Power supply: 24v / 1A using the included AC/DC mains power supply, or from a 12v car electrical system via an optional voltage converter.
Supported tanks: Paterson System 4, JOBO 15xx/25xx, Kaiser, Kindermann. Others on request
Maximum tank capacity: 5x 135 (35mm) or 3x 120 film spirals. Larger tanks cannot be used.
Panel: Resistant against standard developing and fixing chemicals
Memory: Internal and External, no need for battery
Total developing time: 1 ... 30 Min.
First cycle (continuous agitation): 1 Sec. ... 2 Min.
Further cycles: 1 Sec. ... 5 Min.
Turns per cycle: 1 ... 9
No. of revolutions: 10 ... 40 turns per minute

Price: 725.08 euros exc.VAT. 870.10 euros inc.VAT
Please note: prices are quoted in euros due to the present volatility in exchange rates. Please confirm prices before ordering.

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