Technical Support

Links here to FAQs and other information to help you decide which products are right for you, and technical support to help you get the best from your purchase. There's also reference information on several aspects of photography and photographic printing.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions, covering common pre- and post-purchase enquiries. Questions and answers about ordering are here.

F-Stop Printing Primer
What it is, how it works, and why it’s so useful!

The Grey Scale Display
How to use and interpret the grey scale display on our Enlarging Exposure Meters

Flashing and Fogging
What it is, what it does, how to do it. In other words, why you need a PaperFlasher!

Split Grade Printing
A guide to the technique and its implementation in some of our products.

Analyser and ZoneMaster Calibration
How to get the best from your purchase by fine-tuning it to your materials and methods

User Manuals
Read the instructions before you buy, or download a replacement for that lost manual!

Upgrades and Downloads
Upgrade information for older StopClocks and Analysers, and the latest firmware for the Heiland SplitGrade system is available for download.

Chris’s site
Visit Chris Woodhouse, Analyser inventor and co-author of “Way Beyond Monochrome”, for more background information and a different slant on our products.

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