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The SplitGrade-Comfort Control Interface

SplitGrade Comfort InterfaceThe "Comfort" Control Interface is a new optional unit which offers an alternative control system for the standard SplitGrade module. Development was mainly driven by customer demand asking for clearly visible displays, easy to operate knobs for exposure time and gradation setting, as well as START / STOP / FOCUS functionality. The SPLITGRADE COMFORT can be easily connected to an existing Controller. Also the foot switch can be connected and operated using the COMFORT control interface.

The COMFORT Control Interface also offers a tone indicator. Using the implemented LED segments it will be possible to pre-visualise the approximate density while changing paper grade and exposure time. In reference to the brightest and darkest areas of the final print the tone indicator will show the actual reading using the "Zone scale". This is similar to the grey scale display found on RH exposure meters, but has fewer segments.

The operation using the COMFORT Control Interface is established by using dials with click stops. The additional switch functions i.e. start/stop are achieved by pressing down the dials. The current value of paper grade, exposure time and number of burn-in times are shown using large and easy to read displays. The intensity of the displays can be controlled and will not expose black and white paper at all. In order to locate the dials during your dark room sessions, those are placed in between the displays and illuminated symbols.

Exposure time, paper grade and burn-in times can be defined accurately, quickly and conveniently using the SPLITGRADE COMFORT Control Interface. All exposures can be started and stopped as before. Using the Control Interface will allow the full control of all your routine operations of SPLITGRADE on a new comfort level. Read the user manual (32K pdf)

* The SplitGrade Comfort Controller can only be used in conjunction with an existing SplitGrade system. It is not a “stand-alone” product, nor does it replace the existing SplitGrade Controller.

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