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Technical Specification (this can vary according to enlarger type)

Measuring probe

3mm diameter spot reading sensor for automatic setting of filter module according to negative density and contrast

Exposure control

Built-in exposure timer and shutter

Measuring range

0.01 to 10 lux (10 f stops)

Exposure time range

0.5 to 500 seconds

Exposure time resolution

0.01, 0.1 or 1.0 seconds


<0.5%, repeatability <0.1%

Contrast setting

Automatic, in 0.1 grade steps following measurement of the negative contrast

Manual setting

0.1 grade steps with automatic exposure compensation, or 0.1 sec steps with constant contrast

Measurement basis

Approx 90% of paper maximum density

Test Strips

Automatically generated sequences for incremental time, separate time, and paper grade


Factory programmed for many popular papers. User adjustable for fine tuning. Three channels for user-programmed settings


Measurement probe, footswitch, RS232 computer serial port


Backlit LCD alphanumeric, 4 lines

Operating voltage

90 - 250V AC 45 - 65 Hz. Automatic setting

Dimensions (control unit)

160 x 260 x 80mm ( 6.3 x 10.3 x 3.2 inches approx)


Controller: Approx 1Kg ( 2.2 pounds). Modules vary with enlarger type.

Maximum load


Delivery includes

Controller, filter module, probe, footswitch, electrical connectors (exact contents vary according to the enlarger model)

Latest firmware

The latest firmware revision is 2.8. You can download the update from the Heiland web site here (opens in a new window). Contains the latest (v2.8) version of the SplitGrade software plus the User's Manual.

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