Densitometer Options

The following options are available for all Heiland TRD-series Densitometers, and must be specified at the time of ordering the densitometer.

Please note: prices are shown in euros due to the present volatility in exchange rates. Please confirm prices before ordering.

Option 01. Removable Measurement Arm

The measurement arm can be removed from the base unit and attached to a separate plate, facilitating the measurement of large originals (i.e. those larger than 10x8in, 25x20cm). Large prints can be measured directly, large films on a light box.

Discontinued product

Option 02. Interchangeable Apertures

A set of four apertures (0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm) for transmission density measurements. 

Option 03. USB Serial Communications Port

This port allows the transfer of the actual measured density to a PC via a standard USB interface. Basic software for downloading measurements is included.

Option 04. Polarising Filter (TRD-4 only)

A polarising filter is built in to the densitometer for reflection measurements, to improve accuracy with glossy materials. Cannot be specified in conjunction with Option 05.

Option 05. Extended Density Range (TRD-4 only)

Extends the measurement range in transmission mode to 5.5 log.D, useful for the high density films created by a RIP. Cannot be specified in conjunction with Option 04.

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