LED light source


Please note - appearance varies depending on
enlarger type and format

Heiland LED cold light source

An innovative accessory for your enlarger

The HEILAND three colour (RGB) LED cold light source can be adapted to almost any existing enlarger, whether it be a diffusion or condenser light system! This unique light source puts out a stable, no-drift light from 0.1 seconds on.

The use of LEDs allows it to remain cool so it doesn't need fans, therefore it is vibration- and noise-free, and no dust is dispersed by your enlarger any more.

In addition, it is one of the simplest ways to install a high-precision multigrade system to your condenser enlarger. The modules are available in sizes of 6x6cm (120 format) up to 8 by 10 inch and are adapted to your enlarger. A version designed to replace the existing filter module in the Leitz V35 enlarger will be available soon.

Depending on the size we use hundreds or thousands of small high brightness LEDs to illuminate the negative. The colours blue and green are dedicated to the usage of multigrade paper and are selected by wavelength tolerances of only +/-2 nm, while showing a brightness tolerance of less than 1/10th of an f-stop. Also we add the same amount of safe red LEDs, thereby enabling a real white light function and the start of exposure under safe red light, akin to using the red filter under your enlarger’s lens. If a Splitgrade controller is used the exposure can be started from the red light so you can easily position masks etc. prior to the actual exposure, making dodging and burning more accurate.

Originally intended for use only with the Heiland Splitgrade system, the cold light source is now available with a choice of power supply and control units.

  • A stand alone version for all types of timers or analysers
  • Splitgrade version with dimmer.
  • Splitgrade version without dimmer.


  • No vibration caused by a fan
  • No fan noise
  • No light drift - stable light from 0.1 seconds on
  • No heat up of the negative or glass plates
  • Exposure can be started direct from red light (Splitgrade versions only) so you can easily position masks etc. prior to exposure
  • Real white light for focusing purposes
  • Engineered and produced in Germany to the highest standards

Sizes Available

  • 6x9 cm
  • 4x5 in
  • 7x5 in
  • 10x8 in
  • 35mm - for Leitz V35 only (coming soon)

Download the product brochure (opens in a new window).

Prices start at around 1200 for the 6x9 cm Splitgrade version, or around 800 for the stand-alone 6x9 cm version, excluding VAT and shipping. Please enquire for further information, specifying the enlarger make and model you’ll be using.

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