Accessories for our Timers and Exposure Meters, and other sundry items.


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IEC plug for additional enlarger or safelight

Foot switch extension cable, 2m (6.5 feet)

Foot switch extension cable, 3m (10 feet)

footswitchFoot switch with 3m (10 feet) cable

Connecting cable for DeVere Transtab units - allows direct connection to StopClock / Analyser

PSUUMains power supply for ZoneMaster and ProcessMaster, Universal 100-250v, 50-60Hz, plug tops included for UK, European and USA standards

Calibration Kit for Analyser and ZoneMaster ranges (not Analyser 500)
(user manual not included - download it here)

Calibration Kit for Analyser and ZoneMaster ranges (not Analyser 500)
(including user manual)

21steppromo1Stouffer 21-step (half stop) Sensitivity Guide (step wedge) uncalibrated (as supplied as part of our standard Calibration Kit)

21steppromo1Stouffer 21-step (half stop) Sensitivity Guide (step wedge) - Calibrated

glandCable Gland for ProcessMaster II - allows a waterproof seal when sensor cable is passed through developing tank lids

Mains power supplies for the ZoneMaster II and ProcessMaster

We can supply suitable ”battery eliminators” for these products as shown above. Suitable units are also usually available from electrical shops, or you may have a suitable unit to hand. However it is important that the power supply does not produce an excessive voltage as this can damage the ZoneMaster and ProcessMaster, and such damage will not be covered by the guarantee. Before connecting your power supply read the specification below and contact us if you are in any doubt.

Required Specification for a mains power unit:
Output voltage 7.5v regulated, 9v regulated, or 6v unregulated. Do not connect an unregulated supply of more than 6v as these units often output voltages of up to 50% more than the rated output. Voltages of 10v or more will damage the ZoneMaster and ProcessMaster.
Maximum current consumption is less than 100mA, so any unit capable of providing 100mA or more is suitable.
Output connector: 2.1mm centre pole positive.

Battery life for the ZoneMaster II is likely to be long enough to obviate the need for a power supply, especially if an Alkaline type is used.

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